Fun and Entertainment

Modern day Peru offers a wide range of places and activities for relaxing and recreation. Every city, whether it be on the coast, mountains or jungle, entertains visitors with a host of events, shows, fairs, festivals and concerts.


Entertainment at night

  Peruvians celebrate everything, which is why our cities have a night entertainment zone, with nightclubs, bars, peñas, discos and pubs, which each night present authentic musical and artistic acts, with regional fusions, popular music as well as foreign genres.


  Today, gastronomy is a symbol of national identity. Rich in raw materials, species and imagination, Peru holds thousands of options and ideas, each tastier than the last, in top restaurants, in the sites known as “huariques” and on market stalls, where home-made flavors will make your taste buds tingle.

Shopping Malls

  Large and spacious malls, perfect for taking a walk and going to shows, fast food patios, multi-screen cinemas and amusement games for children. All of this in addition to the entertainment on offer in the main cities, with department stores and shops selling exclusive brands.

Cinemas and theatres

  Cinema afternoons and theater nights in Peru have become part of the national routine, which is why there is an increasingly diverse offer. They are comfortable, equipped with modern technology and provide a full complement of services.



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