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Peruvian Drinks

Peru produces an enviable quantity and variety of fruits, and with the help of innovative experts, so many exotic combinations have been produced that its hard to know where to start! Besides restaurants and cafés, small juice shops can...

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Novo-Andean Cuisine

Novo-Andean cuisine is a new culinary style born in Peru that aims to recreate cooking customs of the pre-Hispanic past and rediscover many authentic local ingredients. This recreation of Andean cuisine includes other elements from the European culture. What...

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Andean Cuisine

The Peruvian mountains are synonymous with variety. This region of Peru offers a variety of broths, soups, meats and exquisite puddings based on corn, milk and fruit. The combination of the high nutritional value of the products offered by...

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Arequipa Cuisine

You will love the restaurants of Arequipa, also known as «picanterias», where the delicious regional food spreads its aromas thanks to the wood fires. The «rocoto», an iconic regional delicacy, «solterito de queso» salad, «caldo blanco» (white broth), pork...

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Lima Cuisine

Lima is not just considered a food capital because it is the site of the most important gastronomic fair in Latin America, but also because its varied cuisine fascinates both locals and visitors alike. With its iconic dish, «ceviche»,...

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Amazon Cuisine

If one had to describe the varied gastronomy of eastern Peruvian in one sentence, that would be ¨culinary delight¨The eastern region of Peru not only offers extraordinary cuisine, but also attracts travelers with its wide variety of culinary delicacies,...

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North Coast Cuisine

The warm climate enjoyed by the north coast of Peru offers our discerning visitors a variety of seafood and fish that delight the palate. There is nothing better than enjoying the range of flavors of ceviches and sudados with...

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