Expert Coffee and Cacao Tasting

This is a new and prestigious route awaking flavours. The final destination amidst an extraordinary landscape and a tropical climate is only 4 hours far away from the Cusco City. So, it is easily feasible and can be done in a day. The destination is rich in biodiversity of species of birds, mammals, insects, orchids and many more. It is an excellent route for hiking in the highland jungle, visiting waterfalls and mountains, collecting medicinal plants, go fishing, cooling off in rivers and enjoying of the warm climate. Anyway, the most important objective of the Green Coffee, Black Coffee & Organic Chocolate Tour is to learn more about cultivation, harvesting and processing of coffee and cocoa plants.

Since the harvesting period is from Abril to September, it is the suitable time to undertake the tour.

Coffee and black coffee: It is one of the plants which is very well adapted to this location. Since it is situated in the highland jungle, this coffee of exquisite aroma is called the “High Altitude Coffee”. Due to the great variation of the local temperate microclimates, this kind of coffee belongs to a top-quality and organic product which is demanded by a selected market!

Green coffee: This type of coffee deserves a special attention. It differs from the black coffee only by skipping the process of roasting. Although its aroma is different, it has multiple health benefits. According to the latest studies, chlorogenic acid from this type of coffee helps against heart disease and diabetes, as well as it promotes weight loss.

Cocoa: It is another of the tropical plants which can be found there. Since the cocoa flourishes so well in this area, its production is abundant. Alike other crops, it is cultivated in a hand-crafted and organic way. For that reason, chocolate made of the cocoa is superfine!

Other crops: Other plants that predominate the area are tea, coca (the sacred plant of the Incas), mango, passion fruit, lucuma, banana, orange, grapefruit, lime, chirimoya and others.


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