When travelling to a foreign country, it is essential to be prepared for any eventuality that may arise. In this article, we will provide you with relevant information about emergencies in Peru, including emergency numbers and services available. Knowing this information will help you stay safe and get the assistance you need in case of any emergency situation. Read on to find out how to access help in crisis situations during your stay in Peru.

Emergency numbers in Peru

It is important to have the right emergency numbers at hand when you are in Peru. Here are the key numbers to remember:

  1. General Emergencies: Call 911 for assistance in emergency situations. This number will connect you to police, fire and ambulance services.
  2. Tourist Assistance: If you need specific help for tourists, you can call iPerú’s tourist assistance number at +51 1 574 8000. iPerú staff are trained to provide you with information and assistance in situations related to your trip, such as lost documents, tourist advice and more.

iPerú’s emergency service

iPerú is an institution dedicated to providing support and advice to tourists visiting Peru. In addition to providing tourist information, they also offer emergency care services for visitors. Some of the aspects covered by iPerú’s emergency care include:

  • Assistance in case of theft or loss of important documents, such as passports and identification cards.
  • Advice and guidance in health situations, such as illness or accidents. iPerú can help you find nearby medical services and provide you with relevant information about hospitals and clinics.
  • Support in situations of natural disasters or local crises. iPerú stays informed about any event that may affect tourists and can provide guidance and assistance in case of an emergency.


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