Hang-gliding and paragliding Cucuya – Lurin

In the district of Lurin, located 40 minutes from the city of Lima, are our «Field School» called Cucuya, sand dunes 30 meters high, which we used for the first classes of the course paragliding.

The type of flight is basically Cucuya of declines that last about 2 minutes; although sometimes with good wind, you can climb a few meters and stay in the air a little more time.

To reach the takeoff have to walk about 30 meters to the top. The difficulty is that the sand is quite mushy. The landing is large extremadametne, just have to be a little careful with some OBSTACLES like a rock in the road, but are pretty slim.

This area is ideal for flying start flying. Here we make our courses a day and dictate the first classes of full course. Even our students who have finished their full course, are still with us to this place to practice basic techniques and fly with security. In Cucuya, you can fly all day, every day. Never fog and the wind does not reach Somplar very strong.

Activity: Paragliding.

Location: On the outskirts of Lurin

Flight Type: descents

Gain maximum height: 50 meters

Flight Season: All year

Ways to reach: own Mobility


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