Chocolate Museum Visit

If you are a chocoholic than you will be delighted to know that the city of Cusco holds a few secrets that not everyone knows about. Although you will be excited to see, Machu Picchu and all the other Inca ruins and sites you will also be excited the experience the chocolate when you travel to Cusco.Here we will feature two places that should not be missed and that we recommend for you on your trip to Cusco. The first is the Choco Museo, located in the Plaza Regocijo this place should be chocolate lover’s first stop in Cusco. At Choco Museo, you learn about the beans and the process of grinding the beans into a tasty paste and even you can make a bar to take home for later.

At Choco Museo, you can take chocolate sculpting, cupcake making and truffle filling classes to name a few. The Museo has a café, thank god, that offers a menu full of brownies, buns and fondues that can be eaten with Mayan style hot chocolate or Peruvian coffee. This locally grown chocolate as they say at the Choco Museo the chocolate comes with twice the flavor and half the guilt.The second place you should not miss is quite simply Chocolate, this restaurant features you guessed it chocolate and is located in Choquechaca street in the San Blas part of Cusco. This part of Cusco is full of cafes and restaurants but what you must not miss is Chocolate. Opened for over ten years when you enter you will be delighted by the range of chocolate that resemble pieces of art.

Made from cocoa beans that are grown in the jungle, the chocolate is said to have a special flavor found nowhere else. The restaurant has gained popularity and was featured on a TV documentary by Astrid Gutsche, the wife of famous Peruvian chef Gaston Acuario. The restaurant also features at Mistura, which is Lima annual food festival. Taste the tasty morsels, the owner recommends the hot chocolate, the truffles and the Sauco Tart you will not be disappointed with your visit to Chocolate.Cusco Peru tourism is on the rise, with the number of tourists that visit the city every year. There is much to see in the area with many ancient Inca sites to explore like Machu Picchu and Ollantaytambo. Not only are there ancient civilizations to know, the natural beauty of the Cusco area is among the most beautiful in South America. The Cusco area is set in a valley in the Andes Mountain range and you will see some of the most spectacular mountains on the planet.v


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