Cerro Azul Surfing Beach Lima

Cerro Azul is a beach that is located in the district of Blue hill in the province of Cañete, in Lima.

The spa is the ideal place to visit, if you are adept at surfing. This beach is characterized by a strong current. In Cerro Azul, it is possible to recognize a strong wave left side whose shape is ideal for surfers that may sail in small tables, allowing perform different maneuvers.

Cerro Azul waves are recommended for beginners and intermediate surfers. They are good waves all year round, however, it is suggested that you visit the beach, especially in the summer. Thanks to the popularity of the district, the beach has a good tourism infrastructure around him. Cerro Azul is located at kilometer 128 of the Panamericana Sur.

Activity: Surf.

City: San Vicente de Cañete.

Region: Lima.

Province: Cañete.

District: Cerro Azul.


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