Buttefly Watching: Amazon

The department’s wide diversity, particularly in terms of flora, allows colorful and beautiful butterflies to fully grow and inhabit large forest spaces on the jungle fringe and part of the lower jungle.

Along the various paths, visitors can see beautiful butterfly species, particularly on the trail to Kuélap, Condor Lagoon and, above all, to the Gocta Waterfalls. A butterfly farm has yet to be established.

Information suggests that in the Molinopampa district, just a few hours from the Amazon capital, the orchid zone is populated by thousands of multi-coloured butterflies.

Further away, the Santiago-Comaina reserved zone, in Condorcanqui province, has a wide variety of flora and fauna, with endemic species of up to 474 varieties of butterflies, of which 21 may be entirely new species.


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