Beach The Herradura in Lima

Beach the Herradura is one of the most popular district of Chorrillos in Lima spas. This beach is part of the named circuit Beaches Costa Verde, and is a landmark, not only for holidaymakers, but also adherents to surf.

This is one of the beaches of Lima, which can be proud to present the call Wave Classic, only suitable for professional and advanced in the surf. The popularity of the waves of the Herradura, makes the rate of visitors to this spa, exceeds hundred surfers daily in season.

The best time to visit beach the Herradura, is between the months of March to November, although there are good waves all year round. One of the advantages of visiting beach the Herradura, is that enjoys an adequate tourism infrastructure around.

Activity: Surf.

City: Lima.

Region: Lima.

Province: Lima.

District: Chorrillos.


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