Beach San Gallan Surf Ica

Beach San Gallan, is located in the Paracas National Reserve, between the provinces of Pisco and Paracas, in the region of Ica.

This beach is an interesting place to visit, if you have penchant for surfing. Beach San Gallan, is possessed of the best right Peru. The waves of Beach San Gallan is characterized by long, tubular, and the best are won only on the south and southwest floods.

The best time to visit Beach San Gallan for surfing is between the months of March to October. When the optimum wave comes in Beach San Gallan, the sea is suitable for surfers of intermediate level onwards. In the high season, Beach San Gallan reaches 5 to 30 visitors a day.

Activity: Surf.

City: Pisco.

Region: Ica.

Province: Pisco.

District: Paracas.


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