Andean Cuisine

The Peruvian mountains are synonymous with variety. This region of Peru offers a variety of broths, soups, meats and exquisite puddings based on corn, milk and fruit. The combination of the high nutritional value of the products offered by Andean cuisine with the perfect formula of logs and mud pots create the most exquisite plates of the healthy Andean cuisine.

Corn «chicha» was the traditional drink of the ancient inhabitants of the Andes, and this custom remains today. If visitors want to taste the exotic drinks offered in the mountains, you can choose between wines and ciders made with traditional methods,which are usually consumed together with «chicha». Visitors must also not forget to taste the breads, «wawas», «santiagos» and «bollitos de agua» (water rolls) which are certain to delight your already ecstatic palate.

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The Peruvian mountains are rich in products containing high nutritional value. Ancient Peruvians knew how to best combine these, creating wonderful flavors while still conserving their natural properties. Wood-fired ovens and clay cooking pots are part of the Inca wisdom in terms of preserving the food’s nutrients, done through slow cooking and producing deep aromas.

Meats, spuds, grains and herbs are the basis of healthy Andean cooking. Their preparation with the patience and dedication characteristic of the Andean idiosyncrasy, and the simple cooking, without excessive dressing, guarantees good digestion.

Corn and cheese, «chocho» salad, «mote corn» with «chicharron» (crispy pork fat),»cancha» corn, «humita»s and potatoes in the Huancayan style are part of the menu in all Andean restaurants. This selection of dishes uses meats, sweetcorn, corn, potato, «yucca», cheese, hot peppers, peanuts and herbs.

Dishes from the Peruvian mountains are known for their heartiness. Pachamanca is a selection of beef, lamb, pork and «cuy» (guinea pig) macerated in «chicha de jora» and herbs, cooked on hot stones with broad beans, potatoes and «humitas», within a pit covered with earth and corn leaves.

Patasca, a corn soup; «cuy (guinea pig) chactado», or stone-flattened; jerky, dried and dehydrated meat covered with an onion sauce; spicy «puka», a stew made from pork and potatoes dressed with red chili peppers and beets, are all part of the Andean cuisine.

Typical Andean soups include «chochoca», made with corn flour; «sopa verde» (green soup), a broth made with cheese and «paico» herbs; «Broad Bean kapchi» and «lawa», made with broad beans, dried yellow chili peppers and «huacatay»; «chuño or morraya», based on dried potatos; and «chairo», with beef and lamb meat, wheat, potatoes, broad beans, pumpkin and «chuño».

Andean desserts are characterized by the use of corn, milk and fruits that grow at high altitude. These desserts are famous: «chapana», «quesillo» (type of cheese) and honey, «cocadas» (coconut sweets), blancmange and jellies (made from sweet blackberries and elderberries).

In terms of alcoholic beverages, the traditionally made wines and ciders are the most popular, together with the «corn chicha».

Andean cuisine also bows down to bread: «wawas», «santiagos», «bollos de agua», three delicacies made with wheat, barley, corn, «oca», anise, potato and sweet potato.

General Information

Access by Air: daily flights from Lima to the main cities in the north and south highlands.

Access by Land: depending on the destination, by either the Panamericana Sur or Norte highway and roads that make their way into the mountains.


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