Ancient Peru The Dinosaurs of Querulpa

Querulpa is a hill located just a few minutes from Toro Muerto (Dead Bull). Both sites have become stops on a tour route that is a must for any visitor to Arequipa.

There are footprints of various sizes: 75 cm long (30 inches), 54 cm deep (21 inches), and 25 cm wide (10 inches). Some are as wide as 60 cm (24 inches), and 10 cm deep (4 inches), and are presumed to belong to the Plintosaurus, a giant animal that weighed between 8 and 10 tons. The site is not large, but there are many footprints, and even more are presumed to remain undiscovered. The site is known now as the Querulpa Jurassic Park.

In addition, the site includes fossils from fish and crocodiles; graves and centuries-old mummies. In the Jurassic Park, visitors will find fiberglass models of dinosaurs in addition to a site museum with the most significant paleontological finds.

General Information

Location: Leaving the Valle del Colca via the Pampa de Sihuas or directly from Arequipa, taking the road toward Lima and, turning off at approximately 7 km (4 miles) from Corire (Uraca district), you’ll find this collection of rock carvings.

Climate: Mild and desert-like.

Average temperature: Maximum average temperature of 26.7 °C (80 °F) and a minimum average of 11.7 °C (53 °F).

Season: February is the coldest month; July, the hottest.

Access by Land: It’s a 159 km (99 miles) trip that will take you approximately 2 hours, 30 minutes by car.


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