Ancient Peru Sacsayhuamán Archaeological Park

An imposing display of Inca architecture, located 2 km (1.2 mile) from Cusco City, built between the Pachacútec and Huayna Cápac periods. The park covers an area of 3,093 hectares (7,643 acres). There is still a question over its real purpose during the Inca period. At first, it was thought to have been a fort, but later it was considered to have been a ceremonial center.

Standing out are the big granite blocks, which can be found perfectly locked together without any type of cement or adhesive. They measure up to 9 meters (29 feet) tall and are the biggest found in any of the Inca archaeological areas. Inside, temples, storerooms and water channels were built. Most visually impressive are the three levels of terrace-like platforms measuring over 200 meters (722 feet) long.

Owing to its proximity to the centre of Cusco and the size of its stones which weigh up to 350 tons, it would have served as a quarry for certain building works in colonial Cusco. The site annually hosts the Sun Festival or Inti Raymi on June 24, during the winter solstice.

General Information

Location: 2 km (102 mile) west of Cusco City (approximately 10 minutes by car and 25 minutes on foot).

Climate: Insertar contenido.

Average temperature: between November and March, with average temperatures of 12 °C (54 °F);between April and October with average temperatures of 9 °C. (48 °F).

Season: Cusco has two well-defined seasons: a rainy season, between November and March, and a dry season (the best time to visit) between April and October.


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