Ancient Peru Koricancha Temple

Koricancha is the most impressive example of how Inca and Hispanic cultures fused together. The remains of the ancient Peruvians’ Sun Temple were used as foundations on which the Santo Domingo church and convent was built. The temple is a symbol of Western dominance. The site is a living example of the co-existence of Peru’s past with European architecture.

The temple was built with finely carved stones. Inside the temple, the walls in the many chambers are covered by gold and silver leaf. The incredible size of the stones in the Inca walls, three of which have over 30 angles, are sure to capture all the attention. Also outstanding is a block that has 24 angles and 6 sides. The great Inca turret dominates the site and highlights one of the ceremonial niches with holes in low relief, which was related to the winter solstice. In the lower part of the temple, there are fountains and gardens where conquered tribes arrived to deliver their offerings.

The inner sanctum of the temple was reserved for the highest authorities of the epoch, and attracted people from communities all over the Empire who wanted to worship and pay tribute to the Tahuantinsuyo gods.

General Information

Location: Just a few steps from the center of Cuzco City.

Average temperature: between November and March, with average temperatures of 12 °C (54 °F), between April and October, with cold nights, sunny days and average temperatures of 9 °C.

Season: Cuzco has two well-defined seasons: a rainy season, between November and March,and a dry season (the best time to visit) between April and October, with cold nights, sunny days.


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