Ancient Peru Cumbemayo Archaeological Complex

Discovered in 1937, this complex is surrounded by an interesting forest of stones that resemble the silhouettes of pious monks, hence the reason they are often referred to more colloquially as «frailones», meaning friars. Other notable features are the Aqueduct (1000 B.C.), an extraordinary work of hydraulic engineering; the so-called Sanctuary, a rocky outcrop that resembles a giant human head; and the caves, which contain engravings and petroglyphs.

General Information

Location: 20 km south west of the city of Cajamarca.

Climate: Dry and temperate.

Average temperature: with a maximum temperature of 18ºC and a minimum of 5ºC.

Season: May to September, the dry season.

Access by Air: Alternatively the flight takes 1 hour 20 minutes. From the city centre, local tour operators offer tourist transport services.

Access by Land: to reach Cajamarca take the North Pan-American Highway to Km 695 then follow the marginal road for a further 176.5 km. The journey by bus or car takes approximately 40 minutes.


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