Ancient Peru Chan Chan Archeological Area

One of the most significant archeological sites in Peru, Chan Chan is well worth a visit. In the native Mochica language, its name is Jang-Jang, which means: Sun-Sun. It was the capital of the Chimú kingdom, which stretched along the entire north coast between 1100- 145 AD, before being conquered by the Incas.

The centre of the city is a series of 10 walled citadels. One of the outstanding details of the citadels are its decorative walls in high relief with motifs including geometrical patterns, fish and birds, among others.

The archaeological complex also includes neighborhoods, walls, pavements, channels and cemeteries among others. Chan Chan’s complexity clearly shows that the culture reached a high degree of economic, social and urban development.

General Information

Location: Huanchaco, Trujillo.

Climate: warm and sunny all year round.

Average temperature: Average temperature in summer 24 °C (75 °F) It can be visited all year.

Season: Year-round.

Access by Land: The site is located 10 minutes away from Trujillo city.


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