Amazon Cuisine

If one had to describe the varied gastronomy of eastern Peruvian in one sentence, that would be ¨culinary delight¨The eastern region of Peru not only offers extraordinary cuisine, but also attracts travelers with its wide variety of culinary delicacies, including beef, poultry, fish, sheep, pork and fruits of the Pachamama, such as the «majaz or paca», renowned for its lean and delicious flavor, and the plantain, used as the main ingredient in many recipes. And what better way to accompany this tempting cuisine than with the juice of many fruits and beverages, such as «masato», which delights even the most refined of palates.

Loreto, Ucayali, San Martín and Madre de Dios

Western Peru’s gastronomy is truly exotic. The bio-diversity of its resources appear to be almost infinite. «Chonta» or palm hearts, which are obtained from palm trees and used to make salads, are a basic element in Amazonian cuisine. Many different meats are eaten in the region including: beef, poultry, fish, lamb and other mountain animals, including the «paca», renowned in the area for its tasty flavor and lean meat.

The plantain is another basic ingredient in Amazonian cuisine. It is used to make tacacho , a side dish that is served with chicharrones or cecina (made with dried meat).

Juanes are cooked rice stuffed with pieces of chicken and wrapped up in plantain leaves before being gently boiled; roast «picuro», an animal similar to «cuy» (guinea pig); «apichado», pieces of pork stewed with peanuts and corn; and the fish «patarashca». All these are just some examples of the variety of flavors Amazonian cuisine has to offer.

Highlights among the regional broths include the «inchicapi», stewed chicken with peanuts, coriander and yucca; and «carachama» broth, made with «carachama» fish and eaten with plantains and coriander.

In terms of drinks, highlights include fresh juices made from the enormous variety of fruits available, including «aguajina» and «cocona»; beverages including «masato»; «chuchuhuasi», made from sugar cane spirit; «uvachado», made from fermented grapes; and «chapo», made from milk and plantain.

How to get there:

Access by Air: daily flights from Lima to Iquitos, Pucallpa, Tarapoto and Puerto Maldonado

Access by Land: from Tarapoto along the jungle’s Carretera Marginal (Marginal Road). To Puerto Maldonado via Cusco


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