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Peruvian Geography Diverse, Ancient and Natural

The Incas forged an incredible civilization that learned how to tame the geography of Peru. This ancient society lived in harmony with the rivers, the Sun, the rain, the ocean, the jungle, the Peruvian mountains and the cold dryness of the Andes, consequently adapting to the weather, their surroundings and surviving thanks to Mother Earth’s gifts.

Part of this ancient society still lives today in each town and can be seen through the customs of the people. A trip to Peru takes you back in time and allows you to rediscover the exciting lives of the Incas, Chancas, Chachapoyas, Mochicas, and Wari, as well as their great works of art, their fiestas, the roots of their social strength and the energy of their people.

Experience Peru and discover a wealth of different worlds, all with their own individual landscapes, sounds, colors and tastes; travel back in time to ancient civilizations and share the great cultural heritage of the Peruvian people. Many destinations and experiences such as Peru’s coast and mountains can only be explained by seeing them in the flesh. The beating heart of its roots and destinations.

Caral, the first civilization in the Americas; pre-Hispanic cultures; the Inca Empire; the fusion between the Inca and Hispanic worlds; Peru and its Western, East Asian and African influences; deserts, mountains, forests, the Amazon and the sea; flora, fauna and a wide variety of cultural expressions. Peru is all of this.

Peruvian Identity

Location, Geography and Climate

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Peru’s indigenous Andean origins clashed with the conquering spirit of the Spaniards. While the original outcome was submission to Western culture new identity that’s full of contradictions as a result of differing life principles and values.

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Peru is a truly diverse country, with 11 ecoregions and 84 of the 117 life zones that exist worldwide.

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Contact Centre

World Heritage

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Doubts, recommendations and help.

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Peruvian culture is one and many at the same time. Peruvians today are the inheritors of customs and traditions from civilizations that flourished for centuries before the arrival of the Europeans.

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Here you will find a series of tools for enjoying the diverse locations in Peru with greater realism.

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Keep up-to-date with the latest news, events and happenings in Peruvian life.

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